Che (Vietnamese) on Food Review

Yes, we got another summer treat for you today.. and this time, the popular Vietnamese delight called Che. This sweet is basically a blend of milk, tapioca, fruit, rice, beans, coconut cream, and lots of sugar.


Che, meaning sweet soup in English, is actually similar to our previous summer delicacy in “halo-halo” (a Filipino treat); not just because you could also add crushed ice to it, but because of the way it’s prepared – very simple. Yet, it is in fact the most sought-after quencher in Vietnam during the summer.

Nonetheless, though the Che has met stiff competition from Western flavors like ice cream, Che still remains a favorite – what with several varieties to choose from.

Here’s a couple of them as blogged by Karen Hewell..

Che hoa qua

The Che hoa qua is mix of any fruit but especially apple, pear, mango, pineapple, banana, and lychee combined with dried coconut, milk, and syrup.

Hmm… seems like a fruit cocktail of sorts, huh? Well, try it when refrigerated.

Che sen

Now, the Che sen is a sweet soup with lotus seeds. Oh, interestingly simple, eh, yet mouth-watering..

Incidentally, the Che sen is just one of the 3 simple types of Che. The other 2 having either black or green beans as its main ingredient. But just the same, they all help you cope with the sun – after all, it’s sweet!

So, beat the heat with Che!


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