The Mystery in Peaches Geldof

We were actually hoping we won’t be writing of another star’s tragic death, but here we go again.. and this time, it’s about fashion model Peaches Geldof.

Well, what can we do, there just seems to be so many issues in this world that even a 25-year-old who should be full of hope would just succumb to. May her family and loved ones find strength and comfort.

At any rate, let’s learn from the life of Peaches on Star Watch.

Born from parents who are in the entertainment industry themselves, Peaches obviously found herself in the limelight ever since. This kind of foundation would make it tough to find one’s identity, and naturally, a normal life.

Okay, she eventually became a model herself and is now into her second marriage and with 2 sons with Tom Cohen.. before her sudden death.


Life wasn’t actually easy for Peaches if you think about it. Her belief in “attachment parenting” was making a dent on the couple’s intimate life; while her “juicing diet” was telling on her appearance and health – t’was where many suspects was the cause of her demise.

By the way, attachment parenting is when the mother sleeps with her baby on a separate bed, instead of the couple sleeping together. While juicing diet is a diet of blending vegetables and drinking its juice 3 times a day – here, you take nothing else but the juice.



For attachment parenting, the obvious effect would be a deteriorating relationship of a couple. While for juicing diet, you’d starve your body of needed electrolytes leading to heart irregularities, and possible heart attack.


Attachment parenting practices could be the result of missing one’s parents at an early age due to divorce, death or even too much work. On the other hand, juicing diet is clearly the result of work pressure, or the world Peaches was in – entertainment.

Lessons wpid-o-peaches-geldof-570.jpg

First. While it is expected that celebrities should look great in public, we got to give them room to recover naturally when coming from cases like child birth.

Second.. family, friends, and especially older relatives should show more support to families who are disrupted by divorce, death, and alike.

Everyone has the right to enjoy life.. be gracious.


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