NBA Playoffs 2014: April 19, Day 1

The regular season is over and so is the first day of the 2014 NBA playoffs. And the results – a couple of mild surprises as well as 2 expected results.

Mild Surprises

Though the Clippers are favored over the Warriors, Golden State without defensive anchor Andrew Bogut managed to squeeze a win against L.A. in L.A., 109-105. Our prediction: Clippers would still win the series if they don’t lose their head.


Next. They’ve gotten their home court aspirations but still the playoff atmosphere did not seem to have any effect on the Pacers as they lost their opener against a gritty Atlanta team led by Jeff Teague, 101-93. Our prediction: Indiana would still manage to turn it around and make the semis, just fix their passing especially if they want to go deep into the playoffs.


Expected Results

OKC strikes down the Grizzlies, 100-86. It’s just their first game though, Memphis is a capable team, so expect them to bounce back. Our prediction: If Westbrook stays healthy and aggressive, the Thunder should get to round 2.


And finally, as expected, Brooklyn won over Toronto, 94-87 – by far the most interesting game on the playoffs’ first day. So, let’s talk a little about this game.

Okay, Toronto maybe younger but they are not going against naive dinosaurs – they’re up against talented veterans who knows how to control the pace, handle the ball well, and when to take their shots.


Of course, it’s just game one, anything can still happen in the series even for just theatricals.. And that’s what makes the playoffs not only exciting but entertaining.

For this series, and even before the start of the game, there was drama.. tell you later.

Moving forward, we saw a technical on an intense Garnett, oh, nothing unusual though he should watch it. But for the shot clock to go down and leave the PA do the countdown is a different thing. How can you count .7 of 2.7 seconds?


Anyway, during the lull in the shot clock issue, we also overheard Nets’ coach Jason Kidd asking the referee if he could allow his players to do some layups while waiting because they’re older. Funny, huh? Well. Cute.. and clever. Guess that wish should be okay.

Raptors' GM Masai Ujiri

And as said earlier, before the games, Raptors’ general manager Masai Ujiri shouted invectives to pump up the Toronto crowd which obviously caught the social media’s attention. Pretty intense, eh?!

Well, such is quite understandable in competitive sports.. what’s important, apologies have followed though it won’t change our prediction: The Nets are probably the Heat’s biggest stumbling block to enter the Finals. The Pacers? If and when they beat the Hawks, they might not win against a tough Bulls team.. if ever.


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