YouTube Review: Kicked in the head by a train

What do you know, foolishness could really give one his 15 seconds of fame; in this case, it’s 11.. well, whatever.

In our featured YouTube video for the week, we see the uploader Jared Michael trying to take a selfie just a few feet (or is it) from the rail tracks. And as the train passes.. Ugh! Kicked in the head by a train!!

My, why did he even think of doing that? Popularity? Money? Just a “selfie”? Uh, scripted? Would you risk your life for that? Can’t be that desperate, otherwise luck may turn against you. So, good luck, Jared.

This actually happened some two weeks ago, and so the 31 million views on YouTube. And most anybody you’d ask about this would certainly smirk..

This is not the way to glory, kids. Don’t do it at “home”.. err, the railroad.


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