Tips on How to Smell Good

Summer or not, but especially on summer.. this is when bad odor is harder to control. And this is when our freshness seems to fade faster, so what do we do?


Obviously, the first thing that comes to mind is bathing. If you don’t shower regularly, dirt and odor are like plaque – they get stuck in your body longer than you’d want to.

Changing clothes with fresh, clean clothes would be next. Of course, even if you shower if you don’t change clothes – how could you feel fresh? Can’t just repeat the same clothes, you know.

Oh, using deodorants and, perfume or cologne would certainly help.. But be careful not to overdo it, otherwise, you could even stink. A milder fragrance is a good choice.

Still, when you get out to enjoy your day, don’t leave without an umbrella, the scorching heat would just fry you and not only leave you exhausted but unpleasant. And it’s bad for the skin, you should know that.

Yet sometimes or many times even, sweating is just unavoidable even after bathing, so.. don’t forget your handkerchief, or bring a small towel if you could.

Blue Cheese

And by the way, watch what you eat. Yea, we already know the smelly effects of garlic, vinegar and onions, but did you know that blue cheese and curries could also make you smell?

Lastly, brushing your teeth, flossing as well as gargling should be a no-brainer.. but how come some of those Instagram photos shows that some may have forgotten to scrub off that dirt?

If you have any other suggestions on how to smell and feel good all day, share with us.


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