Movie Review: The Amazing Spiderman 2

Just finished watching the sequel to an Andrew Garfield-starred The Amazing Spiderman 2, and what can we say?

Well, for one, 3D is always nicer than 2D.. And watching in a theatre has a different appeal even compared to the comfort of your own home.

As for Spidey itself, the comparison can’t really be on Part One. Basically the same stars, things like that. Oh, speaking of stars.. Gwen Stacey just looks old, though having a bedroom voice is to her credit. And Harry Osborn? He seems less formidable, what with his short shoulders? And a stance that’s something like that of a kid.

Peter Parker and Harry Osborn

The film’s real rival? It’s actually no other than its predecessor, Tobey Maguire’s Spiderman. Although Amazing has a good story as it’s based from the comic book, the stars has a lot to do with its delivery..

Yea, Andrew looks cool but his acting is a bit suspect. More so, notice one of the flaws in the film? We see cops not really using their heads as they try to shoot down Rhino.. my, didn’t they realize that they wouldn’t really be able to penetrate that Robot. Of course, t’was tested before the villain used it. Just kid’s stuff!


Still, the nice thing about the story is Gwen’s connivance with Spidey in defeating Electro. Okay, although it ended in tragedy, it once again immortalized love and the power it brings – a big take in most any kind of movie.


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