Perfumes that Define…

Fragrance is probably one of the toughest areas to judge – simply because we have our own personal tastes..

..what maybe arousing to one, maybe repulsive to others. Nonetheless, though we could assess perfumes through the number of bottles sold – we’d like to choose them through appeal.

Here are our Top 3 choices…

N°5 of Chanel for women, our top choice, is simply most everyone’s favorite – year in, year out. It’s a strong perfume though, so use sparingly.

Still, with its super lasting scent, not even a handful would probably object.. Except for the price.

While there may be other perfumes for women that are ranked higher than Calvin Klein’s Euphoria.. We just can’t get enough of it.

Yea, it’s a bit musky but it’s floral concoction, interestingly blended well – making it great for night use.

Lastly, when it comes to men’s scent, who couldn’t turn down another of Calvin Klein’s creations in Eternity?

Okay, the cologne may have sort of toned down its scent but isn’t it what makes Eternity special? Despite the little tweak, it is still good to wear – even everyday!


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