YouTube Review: Chubby Korean baby dance

The actual title of our featured YouTube video for the week is quite long and less appealing; and so, we cut it short but don’t worry, the cuteness of the video still remains.

With over 11 million views, What a dance by a chubby Korean baby! got its fair share of likes, dislikes and feedbacks – especially since the original music was replaced.

While there are those who worry about the table dancing as the kids might just fall off, guess the guardians are well aware of the danger.. So? No problem.

Still, more than putting the cute baby to dance.. Guess the video was quite simple, something that every proud parent would do.

More than congratulating the baby, our hats off to the parents! Good balance and “sumo” dance move, maybe they could consider sumo wrestling as a future career..

But the baby’s a girl, right?


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