Product Review: LG G3 smartphone

With all the smartphones and phablets around, many would be so confused as to what’s really a good buy.

One with a good camera? Faster processor? Water resistant among others? Hmm… there’s just so many features one could think of incorporating and has probably been incorporated already in today’s smartphones..

But what if your smartphone has a resolution like no other? Say 2,560 x 1,440? Oh, that’s just ultrahigh resolution, eh?! So crisp and clear.

Well, this is the main attraction of the LG G3, and it’s not even a phablet but a smartphone. And with such a resolution goes a great camera, which is exactly what the G3 has in its 13-megapixel rear cam.

Nonetheless, there are questions here. Would you actually know the difference in resolution compared to other smartphones? That’s tough to notice. On the camera side, we always felt it’s all about autofocus, shutter speed. If cameras could take clear pictures of moving objects then that would be the Choice..

And in this case, the G3 has indeed improved on it.

Yet the downside if ever would be its power button which is located at the back of the phone. Not that we won’t get used to it, but, it’s simply not a good location with the pressure it could get if you put your phone in your pocket.

Another negative would be the phone’s locking system, as in the knock code where instead of entering a PIN, all you need to do is tap the screen to unlock your phone.

Hmm… although its creative, it reminds us of some games we download that could in fact damage our phone screen. So guess, if the fingerprint unlocking technology is still unavailable then better stick with the PIN for phone security for the meantime.


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