Music Review: Rude (Magic!)

Well guys, there’s a new number 3 on the Billboard charts this week; and it’s no other than Rude by Magic!

Hmm… pretty interesting song this is, and with over 21 million YouTube views, you could see why.

Rude was actually uttered by the guy who in fact tried to ask the hand of the girl from her father for marriage, but was rejected even before they could start a conversation..

A common case of stereotyping this is. As you’ve noticed, the guy was a musician with an “unkempt hair” and if only based on that – you could understand why a caring father would reject such a guy.

On the other hand, the musician should perhaps be a little more creative in his approach to his girl’s father. Don’t just say “rude” or force your way, but try using bridges for one.

Nonetheless, the bottom line is – as a father, even if you have your own preferences, just give the guy a chance to speak up so you’ll understand why your daughter liked such a man..

In the end, it’s their life.


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