Food Review: Croissant (French)

Do you like bread? How about baking? Well, it’s because our feature for today is the Croissant, the world’s 18th most delicious food.

Hmm… although the recipe originated in Austria as Kipferl, it was the French version that became known and crossed borders around the world as..

..that crescent-shaped bread served in many breakfast tables, and snacks as well. Yes, it could be plain bread with the croissant’s main ingredients in just yeast-leavened dough and butter; but you could put some sprinklings or fillings before, and of course after baking.

Let’s see how it’s done..


If you’re baking especially for the first time, don’t worry, the shape doesn’t have to be so perfect..


What’s important is the timing and how well you mixed the right amount of ingredients to it..

Enjoy your meal!


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