2014 World Cup: Luis Suarez, Uruguayan Striker

Sure you must have heard of the suspension on Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez which was due to his “biting” on an opposing player during a crucial match in the ongoing 2014 World Cup in Brazil..

Chiellini in blue, Suarez in white

..and so, the FIFA suspended Suarez for 4 months from any soccer competition.

Was it right for the FIFA to suspend him that long? And at a critical time? Well, was it also right for him to bite an opponent? Reminds us of some boxing match some years ago.

But as Suarez said, he just lost his balance and so his teeth hit Chiellini. Oh, see? Then again, how about reviewing the tape?

Anyway, while Uruguay would naturally protest on Suarez’s suspension, many claimed it to be too severe – even from the man he bit, Giorgio Chiellini.

Hmm… this is interesting.

Italy vs Uruguay match, more than just skin deep

Yes, Suarez did something definitely unsportsmanlike but you heard Chiellini. He was the one offended and still deemed the punishment as too much.

Thus, even just for this year’s World Cup, Suarez should be allowed to play and just let him serve his suspension right after the World Cup. This, provided he won’t do it again. For once he does, the Uruguayan team should also share the blame and be automatically kicked out of the 2014 World Cup..

After all, Luis Suarez has already been noted for similar violations even before this competition.



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