Music Review: Stay With Me (Sam Smith)

Stay With Me by Sam Smith is the new number 5 song in Billboard’s top hits, but then, this is one of those songs that made the charts that doesn’t really have a great tune.

It’s kinda pale.. and not because it’s a bit mellow, it’s just kinda pale.

And when you watch its music video, oh, it’s just like the melody – pale. More so, it even missed out on an important character, the girl especially while leaving – she should not just be gone altogether.

Still, its YouTube views made 30 million.. perhaps because of a combination of its lyrics and “tune”, which was actually about a one-night stand and loving it though without love and commitment in it.

Yea, nowadays, even in many parts of the world.. people could relate to such scenario. Is it a good thing? You tell me.


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