Gadget Review: Jibo, the Robot

If you have heard of Siri, in Jibo, you will have a deeper kind of experience.. Something like that of R2-D2.

Jibo is actually a project of Dr. Cynthia Breazeal at MIT, and is currently launching a crowd funding campaign to help improve what is billed to be the first family robot. It is currently being sold at $499 to consumers and $599 to developers.

But what can Jibo currently do?

For one, it can take pictures of you or light up when it sees you pass through the door.

It can also relay texts and phone calls to you once linked to your email and phone accounts.

Also, it could alarm you of your appointments and provide you with next-level video-chatting where the face of Jibo reflects the person you are talking to.

Not only that, Jibo could do interactive reading.. Just upload its library with books and it’ll even narrate with cartoon images as well as character-appropriate voices.

Then again, there’s a lot more room for improvement. Like, artificial intelligence and the ability to follow you around the house.

As we can see, it’s still just like a smartphone or tablet that the only difference is that you don’t need to hold it.. Yea, tablets do have stands but Jibo looks like a lamp and is capable of rotating – not just standing still.


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