2014 MTV VMA Video of the Year Award..

With still a month to go, surely everyone has their own bets for the coming 2014 MTV Video Music Awards; and for this feature, let’s look into the nominees for the Video of the Year Award..

Drunk In Love, 188.8M YouTube views

What’s nice about Beyonce’s video is not just her body but it’s gray in a romantic setting which is by the shore – yea, perfect for getting “drunk.”

Fancy, 159M views

Although it’s nice, Iggy Azalea’s theme is unfortunately quite common.. You know, those girlish youthful activities.

Wrecking Ball, 687M views

All Miley Cyrus did here was to show a lot of skin which is why she’s got the most YouTube views among the nominees.

Guess, Beyonce and Iggy had better figures if that’s how we’d judge this.. Look, her theme even became comical to many!

Chandelier, 70M views

Clearly the least appreciated by our audience is Sia’s video.. Yet if only for expressiveness, she could win the Award.

Happy, 351.7M YouTube views

Notice the music video we actually featured here? Obviously, if we were the judge, it’s gonna be Pharrell Williams’ Happy who’d win the Video of the Year Award.

Everyone’s simply crazy of the song while the video clearly shows just how “happy” everybody is.. Viewers as well!


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