The 51-year-old Japanese male cross-dresser

Hideaki Kobayashi is a 51-year-old Japanese man who dresses like a 15-year-old Japanese school girl.


Ow, sounds weird especially in conservative Japan where the norms of school and society is the nail that sticks out, gets hammered down. Still, Kobayashi, a computer engineer and photographer by profession is comfortable with it – and is just trying to teach society to be themselves.

We say it’s cute and entertaining to have such character in town; more so, if you’re in the entertainment business or could earn a living out of it. Or if you’re a real gay.. But, if you’re just trying to call attention?


Well, you already got it, so don’t take long in getting onto the next phase. Otherwise, the youth could get confused; and your friends and especially your family could suffer humiliation in some way.


One of the more famous cross-dressers we know is ex-NBA star Dennis Rodman.. Does he cross-dress everyday? Nope. He already got our attention and has earned from it somehow.

So, to Hideaki Kobayashi – Godspeed!


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