NBA Watch: The Kevin Love Affair

The Kevin Love affair is probably the biggest thing that could happen this summer.. Yes, even surpassing the return of LeBron James to Cleveland.

Why? He’s a big man. Among the elites at that. Okay, James could bang with the league’s 4s; but if he does that for the rest of the season, he’d be out of gas come playoffs.

With that, let’s see what Kevin Love’s value really is to a team..

Andrew Wiggins

He shoots 3’s.. He’s a monster off the boards.. However, he doesn’t play defense.. And got no real inside game. Nonetheless, he’s real value comes with the stability he brings among your team’s bigs.

Brief Trade Evaluations

Cavaliers. Love for Wiggins, Bennett and draft picks. Cavs gain, Wolves lose. Wiggins has potential but he’s just a rookie, you don’t know how healthy he’d be and how he’d react in crucial game situations. If the Wolves really want Wiggins, best bet is to wait for the trade deadline.. See how he’s evolved.

Taj Gibson

Bulls. Love for McDermott, Mrotic and Gibson. Wolves gain, Bulls lose. The Bulls would lose the defense and tenacity of Gibson; and besides, their 2 rookies could score how Love could – especially in 3 years time. More so, Noah, Gasol and McDermott is more balanced and flexible than Noah, Gasol and Love at the starting five.

Warriors. Love and Martin for Thompson and Lee. Both teams gain. Love provides stability especially if Bogut gets injured; on the other hand, the departure of Thompson opens the door for Barnes’ further development. And Martin? He brings in that veteran presence, not to mention, he’s a scorer.

Klay Thompson

As for the Wolves, Lee would bring that inside scoring the team desperately needs. Not that Pekovic can’t do the job, but with Love in the team, they forget about Peko. Thompson? You know what he can do, but this time he would not have a Curry to carry his off-nights, so he better always clean his barrel.

In the end, if the Wolves could keep Love, they better give Peko more touches and improve their team defense. Their failure to make the playoffs is really due to a poor system more than manpower deficiency.


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