Product Review: SteriPEN Ultra

Oil maybe giving man prosperity, but without water there would be no life. Even simple recreations like camping require it, hey we need “potable” water..

And so, Hydro-Photon came up with SteriPEN Ultra, a kit that uses UV to deactivate harmful organisms in untreated water.. making it potable for us.

This kit could, in fact, in 48 seconds eliminate 99.9% of bacteria present in water. No, not necessarily kill them but deactivate the bacteria’s DNA. More so, this UV lamp could treat up to 8,000 one-liter containers. Well, at least that’s what the manufacturer said..

Unfortunately, after about 40 uses, it doesn’t work anymore. Same goes when it gets immersed. Hmm… makes sense. But sadly, even the repair takes a while.. what with shipping issues among others.

Then again, good thing is that Hydro-Photon has been trying to address it. And for a price of $99.95 each.. it maybe worth it.

Water is Life.


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