YouTube Review: Bill Gates ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Well, it’s always interesting to see how the rich and powerful would react to life situations, and yes.. Simple challenges.

The ice bucket challenge as we all know now has been sweeping the internet by storm – oh, what a coincidence, it’s water.

And for this week’s YouTube review, let’s take a look at how Bill Gates (Microsoft Founder and technically the world’s second richest man) does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge himself.

Hmm… Like what many would notice, there’s no ice in that bucket – so how would you know if it’s really cold, cold water? And yes, based on Gates’ age and reaction, seems like the water is not really that cold.

See, when a person gets older, many of them bathes less as they are more susceptible to feeling cold – not to mention, older people no longer wants to go through the trouble of even looking or smelling good. Yea, Gates is a known business leader so you might as well scrap that thought.. But replace it with the fondness of using perfume instead. Who knows?

So, what more if it’s ice-cold water that he used? That’s why. The water doesn’t really look that cold.

Gates barely flinched. But for a good cause, ahh, what the heck?!


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