Music Review: Boom Clap (Charli XCX)

Charli XCX has been giving good support to many of our known top hitmakers.. well, don’t you think it’s time she becomes a hitmaker herself? She was. She is.

In this week’s Music Review, let us enjoy Billboard’s number 10 hit song – Boom Clap. Yes, by no other than Charli XCX.

Here’s the video..

Hmm… Obviously, the lyrics is about love, or just really attraction to people who truly understands the most abused 4 letter word. Yet what’s nice about this is, is that it could be fed to the general audience.

Yeah, it’s not really vulgar or something – including its music video.

Okay, though it’s not vulgar, those popup animations could have been reduced a liiiiittle bit though – some of it just messes up the screen. Then again, the setting is great especially where there’s bodies of water alternately “mixed” with city views.. and yes, that sea of bicycles, just nice.

In the end, with a really cool beat matched with Charli XCX’s sexy voice, no wonder the music video easily garnered close to 31 million views.


One thought on “Music Review: Boom Clap (Charli XCX)”

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