YouTube Review: The Dangers of Drinking Coke

So, it’s time for another YouTube video of the week, and this time.. Let’s get into health and that sinful appetite.

With over 11.7 million views, clayderman18’s video of Still Drinking Coca Cola? Watch This! has opened the eyes of many..


Well, there are some facts in life that the video indirectly taught many of us, and that is.. Things do not happen overnight, so listen and weigh.

Nevertheless, in this YouTube video.. It’s quite understandable that the “thumbs down” is just too close in number compared to the thumbs up rating – as perhaps these are either skeptics or supporters of the said soda.

Still, even without the video, don’t you think that “acid” (no matter how addictive) that you take in wouldn’t harm you? After all, seriously sick and unhealthy people nowadays are getting younger.

Thus, if you are into a negative habit, you better change now before it’s too late. And mind you, negative doesn’t always have to be bitter – many times, it’s just as sweet as Coke..

Or most any soda for that matter.


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