TV Review: Jessica & Krystal (Channel M)

It may have been almost 2 months since the last episode of Jessica & Krystal, but the effects of the show lingers on..

Yes, the show is just about real-life Korean sisters who are celebrities themselves. Jessica Jung being a member of the famous Girls’ Generation, while Krystal Jung as a band mate of f(x)..

But then, the appeal of their every day life is quite strong that it got a 4.6% online-streaming rating for its first episode – which was said to be 15 times higher than the channel’s previous program.

Oh, then again, what exactly makes this program appealing that 2 months just seems so short? Yea, we want more.

Hmm.. guess, their girly talks and adventures for one. On the other hand, their being sisters doesn’t really give much dent as it’s a show. So whatever they have between them could be made up more easily.

In all, people just loves to look at what celebrities think and do – that even their mannerisms seem so cute..

Jessica is just something like a princess. Krystal.. a darling.


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