Simple Experiences: Starbucks

Most people do like coffee, for one, notice how many coffee
shops are in your town? And even coffee vending machines are sprouting just like mushrooms in your neighborhood.

Yet when it comes to coffee shops, can you think of any coffee shop that comes close to Starbucks?

Starbucks - Glorietta 4
Starbucks – Glorietta 4

Well, this is why people just flocks the resto even at a price.

Then again, not all are the same in terms of this and that as they are franchises. And surprisingly, those in the provinces offers
better service than those in the city.

For instance, Starbucks at Glorietta 4 was just too slow in delivering its goods. And to think of it, t’was just a couple of simple sandwiches that we ordered.

The food we ordered...
The food we ordered…

More so, the crew was less courteous as compared to the
provincial branches. Could it be that they are just attending to many customers? Ah, if so then they got a
“waiting system problem” at that. Besides, there were only just 3 of us at that time.

Provincial franchises, on the other hand, are more attentive; perhaps because they feel they got a lot to prove. The staff are more careful as they understand the brand that they are carrying.

One time in a provincial branch...
One time in a provincial branch…

Of course, the food is just about the same, it’s standard. Quality and price-wise. Plus, all physical structures do comply to their norm.

At the bottom of that coffee cup, it all just boils down to that customer experience. One more cup.. or never again. Hmm… how was your coffee?


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