Simple Experiences: Max’s Restaurant

Chicken is served in many restaurants and even a specialty in a number of them from foreign ones to local dine-ins.. 100414max_Edited

But how about Max’s Restaurant? How would you rate ’em?

Well, been to Max just recently and had some Sisig (a Bicolano specialty), Tofu, and the pride of Max’s – its fried chicken.

The verdict? At least for the food..


Personally, the sisig was okay, it’s worth the order, although I would have wanted it a bit more spicy. And the tofu was just right, not overcooked and not kinda raw. On the other hand, the fried chicken has quite evolved through the years..


What used to be pepperish and juicy has become sort of like it’s rival (in terms of chicken not restaurant) in Chooks-to-Go, the surging chicken stand. Soft and saucy.

Max's fried chicken..
Max’s fried chicken..

Now, mind you, saucy and juicy are different. Saucy is a bit sticky with sauce while juicy is like the meat is not well-done. Depending on your preference, you’d naturally go for what your taste buds crave for, and..

It’s juicy for me.


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