Simple Experiences: Kitchen 1B (Legaspi Village)

Located at the Ground Floor of KL Tower at Gamboa Street in Legaspi Village, Kitchen 1B is fast becoming a favorite among diners..

kitchen1bAnd why not, with its classy European, American and Filipino food – it sure is at par even with those served in hotels. Not to mention they also got “healthy food” specialties.

Well, the problem is.. the food are just too expensive for a restaurant, it’s like you’re eating in a hotel or even more. Besides, the location and structure is not really that great except that it is situated with the other said tall buildings in Makati.

Then again, more than food and their, yes, good dining set up – what brought Kitchen 1B to my attention is their restroom.

The restroom...
The restroom…

Yes, their comfort room that is. Not even hotels have such a make up – it’s just like another room! The carpeting, the lighting, those chairs, trolley… well, just look!

Anyway, the food is not bad and the ambiance is good, so it’s worth the try if you have the money for it.


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