Innovation Nudge: NBA’s 44-minute game

Well, it’s still going to be on Sunday October 19, I mean the game between the Boston Celtics and the Brooklyn Nets – when the NBA would be experimenting on a 44-minute game. That is 11 minutes per quarter or 1 minute less than the usual game we have today.

For coach Lionel Hollins of the Nets, he says “When this idea came up at the coaches’ meeting, I thought it was a unique experiment that was worth participating in. I’m looking forward to gauging its impact on the flow of the game. Since there is a shorter clock, it
affects playing time, so it’ll be interesting to see how it plays into substitution patterns.” netsceltics

For us fans, more than timeouts, what we see are these..

One. A “prolonged career for the players” since risks of injury would be reduced a bit as well as their body’s wear and tear especially for the stars.

Two. A more exciting ballgame since the game has lesser time to make mistakes. Yes in a shorter game, sloppiness could be revved up or fine tuned – I’d take the latter.

In all, it would be much favorable to implement this rather than the proposed bigger court and 4-point shot sometime ago, remember?

Because for the fans, a logical yet entertaining kind of game is much better than a joke.


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