Food Review: Seafood Paella (Spanish)

So, we are now on the world’s 33rd most delicious food which actually hails from Spain, and it’s no other than the Seafood Paella.

Just as we know, there are different kinds of paella, thus it’s important to note not to mix the key ingredient with another determining ingredient; in this case, it’s seafood not chicken or whatever..

Certainly, without rice, it’s no paella. As for the other ingredients, don’t you think there was just too much bell pepper, or perhaps the cut was just a bit big if you intend to eat ’em? How about the oil? Remember, too much can make things a little sticky, you know.

Still, what makes this recipe sumptuous are the various seafood on deck; yes, with those uneven sizes, they may not look appealing but then, try consuming them with the rice – surely, you’ll be more than satisfied.



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