YouTube Review: I Won’t Let You Down (OK Go)

Upon seeing the video, we certainly wasted no time in featuring it for this week’s YouTube review, and this is OK Go’s I won’t let you down.

Just take a look..

Now that’s what you call “creative”!

So, how did they do this? Obviously, the video was shot in half the time to get everything in unison. The sequence was continuously shot, at least about 50 times to get things right. And of course, enormous speakers were also placed around the warehouse for the shoot.

What about the camera shots? They used drones. And from above, the dancers looked like birds and at times like paper planes huh?! The use of those umbrellas and uniformed Japanese school girls were just amazing.

In all, their choreography was something like that of a high school musical, but harder to do considering the number of girls.

Just great..

We almost forgot about OK Go and how cool they were in their motorized scooter chairs.


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