Ellen Pompeo’s Los Feliz Villa on My Home

Our featured image is actually the master bath of this week’s feature on my home; and it’s the bath of Ellen Pompeo’s Los Feliz villa in Los Angeles.

There are those who say that the living room looks like that of a hotel, well, perhaps because of the kind of sofa it has.. And that table and lamp arrangement too.

The outside though is something like that of an Italian restaurant, huh. Notice the tarpaulins?

You know what makes this dining area so cool? That large window.

Always great to dine with good natural lighting and a nice view.

And just look at the kitchen. Heard the house’s interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard used reclaimed terra-cotta tiles for it.

Well, even without a working table, the sides seem long enough to do your culinary magic though.

And of course the pool. Here’s a food for thought.. If you got kids, it’d be more appealing and safer to have an oval or circular pool.

You know, it’s normally shorter (regardless) with less sharp edges where children could easily play catch and things like that.


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