Gift Ideas: WABA’s Kinetic Sand

All of us, or least most of us would love to receive gifts, and this especially children. So, for today, how about a gift idea for kids?

Nah, forget those gadgets and tablets for now, get physical..

When you watch the video, you’d actually not only be amazed but would feel, what, eww!? Really. Look at the sand. Look at how it could be molded. It’s like our internal organs. Right? Sort of.

Well, anyway, it’s better than just the beach sand since it sticks. And clearly different from clays since it’s softer and less dense. Most of all, the best part of kinetic sand is that it makes your children learn while enjoying physical play. After all, it’s less straining to the eyes.

So, mold your kids like WABA and let them have fun!

Now, while 2.5kg of polybags of sand is priced at $24.99, 5kg is only $44.99 – for more information check out WABA Fun.


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