YouTube Review: Kid Destroys Dollar Store

When a kid misbehaves, we normally blame the parents. Well, that could be the general case especially back in the day..

But that’s back when the world was less connected, less advanced. Back when an open kind of violence was still taboo particularly among kids..

But now, even “shooting” in campuses have become more “common” – so would you still blame bad parenting? Perhaps.

Hmm… however, many would now blame violent games to aggressive behavior. And in many cases, yes.

Still, in our featured YouTube video of the week – Kid Destroys Dollar Store – isn’t it kinda weird that nobody really tried to stop the kid from the start? T’was even being filmed. The kid’s rampage.

Could this just be an “attention-getting” video? Scripted? Just for the money, or a “15-second fame” so to speak..

Well then, that’s worse.


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