Hot Item: Sky Viper Camera Drone

Sure we now have the “selfie” sticks for everyone who likes to take their photos whenever; but for our hot item of the day, let’s take photography to another dimension with Sky Viper Camera Drone.

Cool, huh?!

This time not only do you take pictures but you could take pictures wherever your drone takes you, that is, wherever you want to.

Okay, it may look like a toy, and it is in more ways than one but it’s a lot of fun even for adults as more than taking photos and video of up to 100 feet above the ground – it could also do stunts!

How capable is this camera drone? Well, it could do as much as 25,000 aerial shots, or up to 30 minutes of 640 x 480 resolution recording. Plus you could even share them with friends as it has a media cable included.

Obviously now, the issue here would be the battery life.

Yes, it does have a quick-charge LiPo battery but understandably you would also need the motors to cool down. And that’s after about 6 minutes of flying. Otherwise, recharge after 3-4 minutes, if you got the video camera running.

As for the remote control, it does need 3 AAA batteries which should not really be a problem – for this is – hot stuff!


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