Food Review: Shepherd’s Pie (British)

Our featured recipe for the week is the British classic – Shepherd’s Pie – done by the Master Chef himself, Gordon Ramsay..

So, did you guys get it?

Guess that’s probably the only problem in Gordon’s cooking – it’s the way he instructs it. Clearly not all viewers would be able to get what he was doing if they do not at least repeat the video.

Putting up an instructional online should not be about you but your audience. Speed is good but this is not an exhibition.

Anyway, you could do your cooking whichever way you want it so long as you maintain the key ingredients – minced lamb, potatoes, carrots, and spices. Here, Gordon had red wine, Parmesan cheese, and egg yolks added to his recipe instead of some butter and milk – either way, it still has that great flavor.

So, after frying, mixing and baking – it’s now ready to be served..



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