Fashion Watch: Styling When Pregnant

Sure you want to remain attractive. Sure you want to feel confident. Sure you want to wear the same kind of clothing you are used to..

But then, things have changed – you’re pregnant! At least for now, and even just for less than 9 months – try to adjust. Yes, this is something you just got to accept if you really want to look good inside out.

Try not to wear such tight-fitting clothes

Whatever you maybe thinking of wearing, don’t get out of the house unless you check yourself in the mirror. If you prefer something too tight – sorry because you’d just look awful.

Jessica Biel

So take Jessica Biel for example, see her outfit? Nice. A loose shirt gives that relaxed feeling even for those who sees her..

Molly Sims

And if you’re going somewhere special, consider Molly’s kind of dress. It let’s your belly breathe, your baby breathe.

Don’t worry about the bulge, people around you understands your condition. You are still beautiful – just don’t force the issue..

Katie Holmes

Still if you can’t help wearing shirts that are a little tight – Katie’s sort of attire is the most you should go with..

At least your tummy doesn’t look like it’s rebelling. Again, if you just don’t force things.. You’ll look better.


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