Music Review: Centuries (Fall Out Boy)

Some of the close to 15 million YouTube viewers say the music video of Centuries sorts of depicts “David and Goliath.”

Others, well, let’s just find out for ourselves..

So, is it like “David and Goliath”? Other than the slingshot to the head in that fight, the “Goliath” here is not really a giant except for a wider frame; see, “David” is even above his shoulders, height-wise. And, there are no other warriors in fact from both camps, so?

Guess it’s more of just a gladiator kind of thing. A fight to the death. But with the music..? Ahh, it actually doesn’t suit the video. And probably the song and video were just matched because of those “remember me for centuries..” wordings..

Not that bad really. The music, I mean. But it would’ve been better off with some UFC or PXC kinda setting. Yeah, rock music!

Centuries is currently at number 13 in this week’s Billboard Top 100 Hits, but not sure if it could even make the Top 5 unless some magic happens.

Remember me!


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