Food Review: Kalua Pig (American)

Compared to other roasted delicacies like the Lechon from the Philippines which takes about 6 hours to cook in an open-air rotisserie of sorts, Hawaii’s Kalua Pig takes around 16-20 hours to do on low heat..

Oh my, let’s take a look..

Yup, pretty tedious. And to think that it’s just roasting – and you could even chop the pork in pieces! Notice the video? The pork was cut and put on some tinfoil-wrapped container before they were placed on that hole.

Well, on the positive side though, the recipe only has three ingredients in the Hawaiian sea salt, liquid smoke flavoring and the pig or pork itself..

And depending on your preference, you could rub the pork with either the Hawaiian black sea salt which has that earthy flavor; or the Hawaiian red sea salt which is sweeter.

However, considering its lengthy preparation, the ideal time for having this recipe would then be on occasions like camping where you could have the Kalua as some sideshow – or for building camaraderie.

At the end of it all, it’s still absolutely a delicious dish worth all your effort. Meat just so tender!



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