Music Review: Elastic Heart (Sia ft. Shia LaBeouf & Maggie Ziegler)

At number 17 in this week’s Billboard Top 100 Hits is a wild song by Sia entitled Elastic Heart..

As it’s YouTube video now with over 60 million views became a controversial one right from its release, let’s see why..

So.. many says it has that air of “pedophilia”, you think so? An older man paired with a 12-year-old holding sensually is pedophilia. But this one?

Hmm… they’re dancing for a music video – and without really suggesting “sensuality” – but expressing confusion and rage in some ways. So?

Okay, the lyrics is about two adults in their complicated world. So why let a 12-year-old perform in this video? Art? Expressionism?

Well, there’s a fine line to it.


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