Home Ideas: Planning Your Kitchen

In case you’re thinking of renovating your house or having a kitchen makeover, this week’s home feature video would help you in planning your kitchen..

Very informative, right?

Here we reaffirm the value of space; and the key things, according to IKEA, that should be considered in planning your kitchen. So, one of them would be creating that working triangle which involves the cooking area, the fridge and the sink.

Why is this area so important? Clearly because it’s where you clean and prepare your food as well as where you store and retrieve your kitchen tools.

Hmm… also, another thing to think about would be your drawers and doors; as we just saw, it should not interfere with other drawers and doors, and could be fully opened for obvious reasons.

Once these things are in place, it’s only then would you have that functional kitchen you have always dreamed of.


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