Innovation Watch: Bluesmart Carry-On

Now, this is the travel bag that probably most of us have been waiting for – Bluesmart Carry-On. Just check out the photo…


This is more than just going for a scooter where not really everyone would want to, like, “toy” with. With Bluesmart, though the carry-on has been designed with business travelers in mind – travelers of just about any background would be glad to have one, let’s go through some of the features..

Built-in scale. This is something travelers would certainly appreciate as we no longer have to worry about “overweight” fees, just in case. Now, we could easily monitor weight right while packing.

Battery charger. Definitely a necessity in today’s world especially when traveling. So imagine the comfort of having one, and right in your bag without the need to look for an electric outlet. Bluesmart-smart-carry-on-luggage-11

Digitally controlled lock. This may sound good but since it’s controlled by an app – don’t you think it could get hacked? Otherwise, such locks would only be useful if they got some alarm system to notify owners of hacking, or the use of physical force in opening the bag not done by you.

Location tracking and Proximity notification. These features would be great if the bag has not been stolen and put away in a swift manner. Consider the “digitally controlled lock.”

Still, despite of some negative possibilities, a pre-order price of $235 is absolutely a good buy for an innovation like Bluesmart.


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