Music Review: Love Me Harder (Ariana Grande ft. The Weeknd)

Sliding to number 12 at the Billboard’s Top 100 Hits this week is Love Me Harder by Ariana Grande, and featuring The Weeknd..

Well, while there were those who complained about Sia’s Elastic Heart as being sort of pedophilic – don’t you think Ariana’s song is subtly sensual in nature?

Listen. Carefully.

Bite your lip. Moaning. Pressure between the hips. I’ll make it feel like the first time. Love me harder.

Other than being both adults, such expressions should be in private, right? I mean, we can’t have that double standard you know; if you’re upset at Sia’s video, what about Ariana’s lyrics? Children could hear them in various mediums.. And can get really curious.



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