Home Ideas: Half-Bedroom Apartment Design

If you have been complaining about your bedroom’s space – well, how tight is it anyway? Is it as tight as this one? Check it out..

Whether you are already working or still a student, your bedroom space is nothing but a reflection of your lifestyle. All those clutter or whatever is what made your room uncomfortable or cozy for you..

If you tidy up a bit then space would be maximized.

Here, Jen Chu organized her stuff – left out things that are mostly used like a number of books, some frames and decors, work stuff and even hanging all those earrings on one place; while hiding or putting away some clothing or least used stuff under the bed or in those small cabinets and drawers.

Yet a couple of things though, the room may be cute and warm but how would you clean it? Those dusts and maybe cobwebs could be in lesser exposed spots. Also, the changing of your sheets; since the place is small and tight, you could be tempted to forego a day or two in replacing those beddings. Well, time for some lifestyle check..

Otherwise, things could get panicky on emergency situations.


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