Innovation Watch: Emiota Belty

Did you ever wish to have a belt that would follow your shape and movements? I mean, it would just adjust “automatically” to whenever you sit or stand up.

Well, that’s exactly what French company Emiota  has developed, the Emiota Belty..


By tracking tension through sensors throughout the belt, the Emiota Belty loosens when you sit and tightens whenever you stand up. Cool, eh?! Now, you won’t worry of your pants falling off – if ever!

Then again, more than just the tightening stuff – the belt serves as some warning to your health. Like, it checks your inactivity by notifying you if you’ve been sitting too long. Also, it monitors your waistline as well as your steps since Belty is in sync with an app..

Obviously, even as the photo shows – this product is especially for men. Though this would only be available by the end of the year, it’s definitely good for you guys – so watch out for it!


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