Food Review: Goi Cuon (Vietnamese)

Our delicacy for the day is one that originates from Vietnam – a recipe that doesn’t really need much cooking save for its sauce – and it’s none other than the Goi Cuon..

Or what is also called the Vietnamese Fresh Spring Roll.

Yes. Fresh. Fresh. Fresh. Basically it is. Okay.. the pork belly is just boiled. The shrimp is fried. The rice vermicelli is “cooked”? Actually just boiled, too. But that’s about it – the vegetables that go with it are fresh. Simple.

Hmm… as long as you know the ingredients – it’s so easy to make. And that’s what’s nice with food like Goi Cuon..

The interesting part, though, in its preparation is the “dipping sauce”; yes, it’s not really tough to make so long as you follow the steps but the mixture of garlic, peanut butter and the rest gives you that sense of awe – just perfect for the fresh spring roll!

So.. Enjoy!


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