Cool Stuff: Wooden Pliers & Improvised Generator

Here are a couple of ‘do-it-yourself’ stuff that could help when the need arises..

First. The Improvised Generator.

Well, the video is in Russian so most of us doesn’t really understand it; but then, those ‘moving pictures’ tell us that all we need is a bicycle, a UPS, a 12-volt motor, and some accumulator – then we’d be ready for any power interruptions.

Next. The Wooden Pliers.

Wow! Wouldn’t it break when used?

Then again, the real issue here would be one’s ‘sculpting’ skills. If you can’t really carve, how could you make a ‘good-to-go’ wooden pliers? Or anything wooden for that matter?

Still, if only for creativity, this is.. Cool Stuff!


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