Interesting Ideas: Kids’ Toys & Entertainment

How about some variety in children’s toys? Like lesser gadgets and something more that they could “physically get into”..

Hmm… the pocket bike’s cool and something kids would truly love – but how about safety? You may make them wear all those helmets and stuff, still, don’t forget those reminders..

And mind you, it’s not safe for very young children.

Wow! With just plain AAA battery, a small magnet and a bended wire – your kids would surely be entertained! And perhaps be able to think of other positive things they could do with it.

Very clever!

Oh, don’t you think babies would get kinda dizzy? Or what, cross-eyed?? Hah! Yup, it’s hypnotic but too much of such things could harm the baby, don’t you think so?

It’s good for the guardians though – they get their breaks.




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