Innovation Watch: GlaGla Connect shoes

Know what, if there are products where I don’t really trust putting electronic chips or sensors into – shoes must be one of them.

Just imagine the weight of a person all coming down on the shoes?! The impact! Can you dig it?

What would then happen to a misaligned chip, or a miscalculated ratio between a “large” human and the shoe’s cushion?

GlaGla Connect shoes is hopefully well-designed. Well, if only for being a health tracker (monitors calories, steps taken and calculates altitude) transferred from wrist to sole – GlaGla is already the first of its kind.

Powered by Zhor-Tech technology, it involves a Bluetooth pairing between an iOS app and a sensor built into the insole – which are charged via USB port. All these aside from its capacity to promote better posture and foot health.

Then again, release date would not come until late 2015 and early 2016. So, the charging time, the battery life and even the price has yet to be fixed.


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