Food Review: Texas-Style BBQ Pork (American)

Barbeque pork is prepared in many ways; and obviously depending on where it’s being cooked as culture does play a role. And for our recipe of the week, it’s Texas-Style Barbeque Pork.

Let’s see how the Grillfather did it..

While K-Ray smoked it for about 14 hours, take note of what he used for this is where the flavor is really differentiated. Generally, it’s a mix of chili, onions, pepper, tomatoes and herbs but there’s really no rule on how you’d “exactly” go about it as options are endless.

Nonetheless, when it comes to barbeque preparation, marination is especially important – so, also soaking it with apple juice and onions overnight would surely enhance the flavor. Hmm… don’t forget to rub all those herbs and spices.

After a low and slow cooking of around 15, 16 hours..

Pull it apart and Enjoy!


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