2015 NBA PlayOffs: Hopefuls and Who We’d Like to See

With just about 4 games left for most teams, this year’s PlayOff hopefuls are still in a very tight race – both East and West. Wow!

Fighting for 8th spot at the Western Conference are the Pelicans and the Thunder with identical 42-36 win-loss records. On the East’s side, while the Bucks hasn’t officially secured the 6th playoff spot, they obviously have one foot in the door being 2 games up from their nearest pursuer. Same goes with the Hornets, however, on the opposite end as they got one foot out being 3 games down for a possible 8th place.

Anthony Davis trying to block a shot
Anthony Davis trying to block a shot

So this means, the real battle are among the Celtics, Nets, Pacers and Heat for the 7th and 8th playoff spots.

Noticed their records? Exciting, huh?!

While fans have their own favorite players and teams, a good first round series really lies in having a lower-seeded team capable of challenging its playoff matchup. Otherwise, that would just be a bore.

Then who do you think could give the Warriors a good fight – the Pelicans or the Thunder?

Hmm… if only Durant and Ibaka were around, the Thunder could even “upset” the Warriors – but they’re not. This means, a Davis-led Pelican team would be more intriguing to watch – what with this postseason action potentially being Davis’ first playoff appearance!

How about the East?

PG13.. Paul George
PG13.. Paul George

Guess it would be nicer to watch Paul George at this point of his return than Isaiah Thomas whose effectivity could be cancelled out by Jeff Teague. Who’s the Celtics next weapon then? They’d just end up walloped by either the Hawks or the Cavs.

Johnson. Williams. Lopez.
Johnson. Williams. Lopez.

What about the Nets and the Heat?

While Lopez and Williams are playing well, Johnson is not. Plus they don’t have Teletovic to help them out while Plumlee is still limited in his skills. So I say, Lopez and Williams would have a harder time sustaining their recent good games – than for the Heat to play with more heart.. Wouldn’t it be nice to see a Cavs-Heat matchup?

After all, the Heat has got deeper experience as well as the players to give either the Hawks or the Cavs a real run for their money – that is even without Chris Bosh in the lineup.

Can’t wait!



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