Music Review: One Last Time (Ariana Grande)

The video starts with some electrical disturbance and all those fearful news about comets..

And we are talking about no other than Ariana Grande’s One Last Time that has been getting the curiosity – not only of her fans – but music lovers as well..

Hmm… The song is at number 13 in this week’s Billboard Hot 100 Hits, climbing up from 15th spot last week through the power of “love”..

Yes, Ariana’s hit is supposedly about love but it’s actually about trying to be together, at least, one last time..

You know, before totally breaking up.

Sparked by nature’s disturbance, her intense search for the guy treaded the line of regret and longing.. Well, sometimes, our world just needs to be shaken a bit for us to realize what really matters.

Just don’t mistake lust for love!


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