Travel Time: Nepal. Quakes. Natural Beauty. Peace.

Everybody knows Nepal to be the gate to the world’s highest peak in Mount Everest. But alas, with good-natured people in the midst of its natural beauty, its serenity was suddenly shaken last April 25 by a powerful 7.9 magnitude earthquake..

Yes, tragedy is never a nice tool to promote travel or tourism for a country; but right now, Nepal needs help after another quake with a magnitude of 7.4 struck Kathmandu just weeks after the 7.9 quake hit the country.. and so, let’s all especially the able come to their aid. Let sympathy be acted through donations. Yet, let these donations not just be for food, shelter and medicine – but for repair as well..

Remember Nepal before the quakes? Help restore whatever was damaged – yup, in whatever way you can.

One day, you might find yourself in beautiful Nepal enjoying and attaining that elusive inner peace..



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